School News

Students in Grade 5 at SABIS® SUN International School enjoyed the Gardening Club during their SLO® period
The Junior medal Series and the Azerbaijan Junior Open 2018
Congratulations to Ali Kerimov, a Grade 6 student at SABIS® SUN
National Flag Day of Azerbaijan
On November 8th, 2018, SABIS® SUN students celebrated National Flag Day with face painting, song, and dance activities.
Golf Trainings during SLO®
The Infants Department at SABIS® SUN enjoyed an afternoon of golf during their SLO® period in October and November.
Power Study Sessions
In preparation for exam week, the SLO® Academic Department with the help of teachers, AQCs, and students dedicated...
Grades 5,6,7, and 8 Barbecue Day
In order to encourage students to participate in team building activities and cement lifelong friendships, the...
Trip to Archeological Museum Gobustan
On November 21, 2018, Grade 5 and 6 students were taken to the Archeological Museum in Gobustan to learn about an...
“Gratitude is the Best Attitude” Campaign
As part of their ongoing “Gratitude is the best Attitude” campaign, the SLO® Outreach Department prefects showed...
Reaching Out in Community
As part of “Cancer Awareness Day” the SLO® Social Responsibility Department at SABIS® SUN organized a bake sale...
KG Fun Day
On November 22, 2018, the SABIS® SUN KG department said goodbye to Term 1 with a fun party organized by the teachers.
Online Payment

SABIS® SUN International School offers online payment structure for parents who may not have enough time to visit the school or bank to make the tuition fee payment. Fees can be paid in full or in 3 installments within the academic year. School fees are in AZN (local currency) and the school has an international currency account for international transfers.

For more information regarding the fees you can contact with school administration at

By clicking the relevant link below, you can proceed with the payment: