School Events

Throughout the academic year, SABIS® SUN International School organizes a number of major events that parents and students look forward to eagerly. Students have a unique opportunity to show their talents, expand their interests and knowledge, and gain experience in a vast variety of academic and sport events which are conducted on both a national and international level.

Major events include:

  • The SABIS® Regional Tournament, a biennial, international sporting competition that involves teams of student athletes from across the global SABIS® Network,

  • SABIS® STARS, a regional educational contest in which students from SABIS® Network schools meet and compete in an event that showcases knowledge mastery and critical thinking skills

  • Open Day where prospective parents are welcome to visit the school campus and learn more about the SABIS® Educational System™ implemented

  • Talent Showat showcases the incredible talents of our students in grades 2 to 9. The show includes singing, dancing, and music!

  • Numerous fundraising events with proceeds donated to charitable organizations.

The SLO® Department also organizes on a regular basis educational quizzes, spelling bee contests, mathematics quizzes and a variety of fun competitions.

A wide range of after school activities and clubs are available including ballet, swimming, gymnastics,  basketball, football, and golf.




Online Payment

SABIS® SUN International School offers online payment structure for parents who may not have enough time to visit the school or bank to make the tuition fee payment. Fees can be paid in full or in 3 installments within the academic year. School fees are in AZN (local currency) and the school has an international currency account for international transfers.

For more information regarding the fees you can contact with school administration at

By clicking the relevant link below, you can proceed with the payment: